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Clearfield High School Swim Teams, 2016-2017 ~                                     Senior Class               
  Words to the C.H.S. Alma Mater 
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Clearfield High School Swimming, 2016-2017
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Jon Mikesell & Jackie Morrison
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SwimPixDay2 (12)
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Back ~ Tate Swanson,Tristen Buck, Bront Strickland, Parker Marshall, Isaac Swanson,Hayden Steiner, Peyton Priester
3rd ~ Launcelot Soult, Alex Coval, Harry McMillen, Chase Bietz, Luke Mikesell, Sam Pennington, Justin Maines,
Eliot Thorpe, Noah Jordan, Zach Suhoney
2nd ~ Coach Mo, Raegan Mikesell, Makeeli Redden, Paige Mikesell, Talitha Narehood, Alexis Shomo, Jaclyn Freeman,
Alex Schultz, Maddie Thompson, Ashley Struble, Coach Mikesell
Front~Lexi Graham,Emily Shipley,Madi Kipp,Paige Conrad,Martina Westcott,Abby LaBorde,Chasity Weber,Lindsey Shaw,Sydney Coval
(Missing - Josie Grice, Cody Shaw, Charles Gardner, Jasmyne Wilbur, Quentin Bailey; all are Divers)

Back  ~ Raegan Mikesell, Makeeli Redden, Paige Mikesell, Talitha Naredhood, Alexis Shomo, Jaclyn Freeman,
Alex Schultz, Maddie Thompson, Ashley Struble
Front ~ Lexi Graham, Emily Shipley, Madi Kipp, Paige Conrad, Martina Westcott, Abby LaBorde, Chasity Weber,
Lindsey Shaw, Sydney Coval
Back ~ Tate Swanson, Bront Strickland,  Isaac Swanson, Hayden Steiner, Peyton Priester
Parker Marshall, Alex Coval, Tristen Buck, Sam Pennington, Eliot Thorpe, Zach Suhoney
Front ~  Harry McMillen, Chase Bietz, Luke Mikesell, Justin Maines, Noah Jordan, Launce Soult
Back  ~ Sydney Coval, Paige Mikesell, Talitha Narehood
Ashley Struble, Makeeli Redden, Jaclyn Freeman, Alexis Shomo 
Front ~ Paige Conrad
Back  ~ A. Coval, S. Pennington
Middle ~ I. Swanson, C. Bietz, H. McMillen, E. Thorp
Front ~ P. Priester, T. Buck, H. Steiner, T. Swanson
Summer 2017 SwimFun Activities ~ with VIDEO
Community Pool Triathlon , 7-12-17
Curwensville Lake "Dam Swim" , 7-19-17
"Campus Corner" 2/27/17 ~ Claire Mikesell.  Older entries can be accessed on the "Articles" page. 
" Clearfield's
Sam Morgan
giving back to her
hometown school"
Paige Conrad &
Makeeli Redden,
Athletes of the Week